Karsiyaka Chamber Orchestra (KODA)

Establishment studies of Karsiyaka Chamber Orchestra (KODA) were started as the most important step of the project for transformation of Karsiyaka District to a Culture and Art Center by Mayor of Karsiyaka Hüseyin Mutlu Akpinar in August 2014. This formation is the first district municipality orchestra and it features the second full time employment apart from State and University orchestras (after Eskisehir B.B.S.O.).

Distinguished from orchestras gathering from concert to concert as though we believe that they provide positively to our cultural life, KODA is a formation displaying continuity and providing continuous and constant work for artists. As a basic and safe nest for musicians KODA offers a new employment area for young artists and it becomes not only for Karsiyaka but also for Izmir and the whole country a new source for artistic performance.

The orchestra shall carry out its work under the Music Director, Hakan Sensoy, Music Consulter Oguzhan Kavruk, Art Coordinator Tevfik Rodos and experiences of Prof. Rengim Gökmen are utilized with his supervising identity. It is obvious that KODA shall utilize experiences of all Turkish and foreign maestros greatly.

Therefore we may announce the good news about local and foreign, renown or young, maestro and soloist shall give unforgettable concerts to art-lovers.

Here it is also aimed to represent the artistic power of our country and Izmir in festivals and similar organizations through national and international tours of Karsiyaka Chamber Orchestra.