‘Big’ Cooperation from Small Children

Children Donated 15 Thousand Books and Toys

Karşıyaka Municipality which strengthens feelings of sharing among children with campaign titled as “Don’t Hide but Share”, has also made the faces of small children in need, smile. 15 thousand pieces of books and toys were left inside giant penny boxes placed at different location of the city. The objects were given to the children of families with low income, by the municipality teams.

Don’t Hide but Share

Campaign titled as “Don’t Hide but Share” that was brought to life by Karşıyaka Municipality for the purpose of strenghtening the feelings of sharing among children at developmental ages, was given great support. 15 thousand pieces of toys and books were donated in one year as being placed in the giant penny boxes where excess toys and books are placed. Donations that are regularly gathered from inside the penny boxes by Municipality Social Aid Affairs Directorate teams, were given as gifts to the children of families with low income, who are living in the province. 

Penny Boxes at 5 Different Locations

Families and children who want to participate in the campaign make donations to the penny boxes placed at 5 different locations of Karşıyaka. With the project, while small children learn how to share by giving their excess books and toys, children of families with limited purchasing power, live through the happiness of getting gifts from their “brothers”. Detailed information about the campaign can be obtained from phone number 369 64 02.

Project of the Heart

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar who stated that they create big happinesses with small touches, also added: “With this campaign, we targeted to make our children share their toys and books which they keep at their homes with the children of families having low income levels. We placed penny boxes at busy locations of our city and we have seen a participation from Karşıyaka community as fitting to the soul of cooperation. We are carrying out our project for generations knowing the importance of cooperation and feeling the happiness of sharing and we are awaiting for everyone’s support in this project of the heart.”