‘Pink’ Struggle with Pink Cancer

Within the “Breast Cancer Awareness Week”, Karsiyaka Municipality realized sports events with the “pink” theme. Women from Karsiyaka attracted attention to the disease by wearing pink t-shirts during the activities which are carried out during one week long.

Final is Performed with Zumba 

Within the week, morning sports, evening sports, gyrokinesis, pilates and yoga events are realized. At the final event, zumba is played with the participation of 200 women. Before the event took place at Muharrem Candaş Sports Hall, President of Breast Diseases Association Dr. Mustafa Emiroğlu and Bookkeeper at Breast Diseases Association Dr. Cem Karaali came together with the participants. Importance of early diagnosis and diagnostic and therapeutic methods are explained.

Hand to Hand for Health

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar who stated that they are working to contribute for the protection of communal health, also said: “With the aim to support healthy living, we are always organizing sports events. During the Breast Cancer Awareness Week, we adopted our activities for struggling against this important disease. By being hand to hand with our women, we created awareness. I thank to all those who provided support”