“Summer” Mobilization for Dearest Friends

In summer time Karsiyaka Municipality has fastened the activities to meet the needs of of stray animals, 2 thousand of water and food bowls are delivered. Mayor Akpinar said “In hot summer days, all of us should put a bowl of water in front of our doors.”

2 Thousands of Bowls are Delivered

Stray animals struggle in finding water and food in summer time, a hand is landed by Karsiyaka Municipality. Karsiyaka Municipality has won the approval of animal lovers with their services to the dearest friends. The municipality has delivered 2 thousands of water and food bowls. The activity which is held in the bazaar, attended the volunteers of animal lovers and citizens.

 “Let’s Be Responsive”

The municipality teams said that the deliveries will be continued in summer time, asked the citizens to be responsive. Besides, Karsiyaka Municipality has risen the nutrition points up to 150 and continues to add more new points.

A Call from Akpinar

Karsiyaka Municipality Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpianar states that “We work for all kinds of living since the beginning of our duty. Living animals cannot be seen as an act of hobby. It is one of the biggest evil to adopt an animal as a gift of report card and after leave to streets. During summer period, everyone should put a bowl in front of their houses.”