17th of August is memorialized in Karşıyaka

Karşıyaka Municipality hosted an important organization on the anniversary of 17th of August Marmara Earthquake. During the panel that is organized jointly by Karşıyaka City Council and Chamber of Construction Engineers, AKUT Honorary President Nasuh Mahruki and the experts explained the things to be done during and after the earthquake. At the mobile earthquake stimulator in Bostanlı Recreation Area, the panic felt during the earthquake is animated.

The Reality of Earthquake is Explained

The events being realized on the anniversary of 17th of August Marmara Earthquake, began with the panel with the subject of Disaster and Organization at Zubeyde Wedding House. Prof. Dr. Atilla Uluğ, Dr. Sadık Can Girgin, Disaster Trainer Ömer Karaca and AKUT Honorary President Nasuh Mahruki attended the panel which lasted for nearly 2 hours, as speakers. Opening speeches were made by Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, Karşıyaka District Governor Saadettin Yücel and Chamber of Construction Engineers Izmir Branch President Gürkan Erdoğan. Many citizens and representatives of civil society institutions also showed interest in the panel.

Ignorance is the Worst Disaster

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “The worst disaster is ignorance. The biggest destruction is prejudice. The biggest disaster is not to learn, to neglect, and to insist on acting in this way. 17th of August is a dark day which we remember with pain, sadness, and regret. As Karşıyaka Municipality, while we are taking the necessary measures and trying to eliminate the negligence of many years, we are also realizing events that will improve awareness. Because we know that feeling sad after the occurrence of painful events, does not mean anything for modern and healthy communities. On the contrary, we need consciousness, training, and organizations like AKUT which are our pride”.

We should Question Ourselves

Karşıyaka District Governor Saadettin Yücel said: “Earthquake is a reality of life. The adequacy of laws and the skills of managers can be discussed. However, at the stage of using the nature and during the implementation stage, humankind should question themselves.”

We should Call for People to Account  for the Disasters

AKUT Honorary President Nasuh Mahruki said: “It is very important to become an organized community during the occurrence of a disaster. When bad occurrences take place, each individual should act with the consciousness of a disaster employee. They should work to minimize the losses. In organized communities, the basic principle is not to wait for everything from the state. If we don’t call for people to account for, we can not avoid events like 17th of August earthquake and Soma disaster”.

Walking with Torches is Realized

IMO President Gürkan Erdoğan, Prof. Dr. Atilla Uluğ and Dr.Sadık Can Girgin also gave information about the works carried out relating with the disasters, legal regulations, preparation stages, and the things to be done after the disaster. After the panel, with the participation of TMMOB Provin-cial Coordination Council, walking with torches is realized till Bostanlı Recreation Area. In the area, in the earthquake trailer truck of Karşıyaka Municipality, informative presentations are made.