A Karşıyaka Classic in Archery

Demir and Ecem are again at the Top

National archers Demir Elmaağaçlı and Ecem Cansu Coşkun, who have been the pride of Karşıyaka Municipality Sports Team with the degrees they had as worldwide and countrywide, have also put their marks at National Independence Coup. Sporters who became the winners in their categories, also took their places at the top as being a mixed team.

75 Clubs and 398 Sporters

2017 National Independence Coup Archery Contest being organized by Turkish Archery Federa-tion, was realized between the 20th and 23rd of April. 398 sporters from 75 clubs participated at the organization which was hosted by Antalya 100th Year Archery Facilities.  Demir Elmaağaçlı and Ecem Cansu Coşkun from Karşıyaka Municipality Sports Team, as being the most assertive spor-ters in the contest, crowned their successful performances with championship. 

“With Feeling of Gratitude for Atatürk...” 

Elmaağaçlı became the winner in the category of ‘Roller Archery for Men’ and Coşkun became the winner in the category of ‘Roller Archery for Women’. The sporters who raised the championship Coup for the cateogry of ‘Roller Archery for Mixed Group’ together, said: “We are happy to finalize this meaningful organization with championship. We are memorializing the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with gratitude and we thank to our club and to all those supporting us.”

“We Feel Proud”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, who congradulated the young sporters said:  “Demir and Ecem, who made us feel proud with their successes, also became our source of pride with the degrees they attained in the National Independence Coup. I congradulate them and wish them continued success. I will always be the supporter of our bright, talented and harworking sporters who are the followers of Ataturk.”