Animal Lovers Meet in “Festival of Bosom Friends”

The Festival is organized by Karsiyaka Municipality to make an awareness in adoption of street animals and two thousands of animal lovers participated. 1 tone of food is bought by means of festival’s income  for dogs in need of care.

Colorful Festivals

Festival of Bosom Friends is made in collaboration with Karsiyaka Municipality Veterinary Affairs Directorate and Farmina Pet Foods Turkey at the weeken in Taypark. All day long, contests and various kinds of activities are made for children and for animals. Besides concerts and live concerts, panels and conversations are made for awareness of animal rights.

Make for Home

A stand is opened by Karsiyaka Municipality Productive Women Cooperative, Non-governmental organizations and various kinds of companies in the festival area. By means of adoption stand of Karsiyaka Municipality homeless animals are adopted. Consultancy service is given to the citizens by veterinarians of the municipality departments

“1 Ton of Food Support”

Karsiyaka Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said “By courtesy of this festival in which we aimed at growing our sympathy for our bosom friends that we share world with; we have gained 1 tone of food for care centers. I congratulate all animal lovers and our sensible citizens.”