Application stating ‘I am having a break’ is in Karşıyaka !

Karsiyaka Municipality, which attracts attention with their standing in favor of efforts and laborers realized an interesting application for protecting right of employees to have ‘breaks’. Aprons on which it was written as ‘I am having a break’ are distributed to workers who work in open areas and wrong understanding between working hours and break periods is avoided in this way.

Union also Deemed it to be Positive

Karşıyaka Municipality started a new application to protect the right of workers, who work in open areas to create a more beautiful Karsiyaka, to have breaks. Aprons at the back of which it is written as ‘I am having a break’ are distributed to workers who work within the body of Directories of Park and Gardens, Technical Works, Transportation and Cleaning Affairs . With the help of application right of workers to have breaks of 15 minutes two times a day is protected and by informing citizens that workers are having a break, wrong understanding is being avoided. As workers spend their resting times peacefully and comfortably, their service efficiency is also improved. Application is deemed to be positive by management of unions and it is stated that this application should be taken as a good example.

“Right of Workers to Have Breaks is Being Protected”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said:“We started this application to be respectful for the right of our workers to have breaks and to avoid misunderstanding by our citizens. With the help of our aprons on which it is written as ‘I am having a break’, citizens of Karsiyaka will easily recognize which of our workers are having a break and which ones are working at that time”.