Children of the World are Coming to Karsiyaka.

We are Counting Back for the Most Colorful Festival.

International Karsiyaka Children’s Festival which is made traditional by Karsiyaka Municipality will be realized between 18th and 24th of April in this year. Colorful shows will be exhibited during the festival, to which foreign children from 10 countries and Folk Dance Group being named as ‘Kuzeyin Usaklari’ will be attending as guests. 23rd of April, being the gift of Ata to children will be celebrated with big enthusiasm.

26th Get-together

In order to participate in 26th of International Karsiyaka Children’s Feast, being organized by Karsiyaka Municipality with the collaboration of Karsiyaka District Governorship and Provincial Directorate of National Education, 173 children from Germany, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kirghizistan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Kosovo, Bulgaria, and Moldovia will be coming to Karsiyaka on 18th of April. One of the most colorful groups of the organization will be the Folk Dance Group named as ‘Kuzeyin Uşaklari’ and being composed of 24 people, which will be participating from Ankara. Children who will be hosted at the homes of voluntary families, will live through the joy of 23rd of April, National Independence and Children’s Feast.

It will Start with Cortege.

The events will start with the cortege that will take place at 17.30 on 19th of April, Thursday from the front of district governorship until Karsiyaka Bazaar. All the groups will attend the walking parade with their traditional clothing. Opening ceremony will be organized at 19.00 at Bostanli Fine Arts park. Besides the children guests, Karsiyaka Municipality Folk Dances Group and Smyrna Choreography Group will exhibit visual feast with their shows. During the festival period, shows will also be exhibited at different points of the district. Trips will be organized for the children.

Joy of Feast

Award ceremony of painting, poet, and composition contest, with the theme of ‘Universal Values from the Eyes of Children’, being organized with the collaboration of Karsiyaka Municipality Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus and Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education will also be realized within the context of festival. The ceremony that will take place at the museum will start at 15.30 on 22nd of April.  In the morning of 23rd of April, children guests will visit Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar at his office. The festival which will be crowned with the final events bearing the enthusiasm of feast, will be finalized on 24th of April as the children guests will leave Karsiyaka.

Children will Demonstrate Good Examples.

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar said:“We will celebrate 23rd of April National Independence and Children’s Feast, being the gift of greater leader Ataturk for the children of the world, with great enthusiasm at our feast reaching to its 26th year. We will meet the children of the world with friendship and love once again. With their brotherhood, they will give message of peace and they will demonstrate good examples. We are awaiting everyone to attend our events and to be part of this great enthusiasm.”