Conductors are Being Raised in Karsiyaka

Karsiyaka as a Music School

Karsiyaka Municipality, which is the first local management establishing a chamber orchestra with permanent staff in Turkey, started programs for Conductorship and Strings and Chamber Music Masterclass for the second time this year. 77 conductor and artists candidates are admitted to the trainints under the supervision of world famous classic music stars. Mayor Akpınar said: “Just like our orchestra, the organization of these trainings within the body of a municipality is something realized for the first time in Turkey. We will continue as being the leader in serving for art.”

First Training is Given by Rengim Gökmen

Karşıyaka Municipality is realizing the trainings for Conductorship and Strings and Chamber Music Masterclass for the second time this year. The accelerated trainings meeting the masters of classic music wih young artist candidates, started with ‘Conductorship Masterclass’ program. 35 people are chosen for the program, during which world famous Conductors Rengim Gökmen is giving the basic conductorship techniques, among tens of applications. The training continuing at Hikmet Şimşek Art Center, will be finalized with the concert that will be given by the candidates together with KODA on the 23rd of August.

World Famous Artists

In the second stage, ‘Strings and Chamber Music Masterclass’ program will be realized. During the program that will commence on 24th of August, world famous master artists such as Prof. Ani Schnarch from Royal College of Music, Prof. Itzhak Rashkovsky, Cihat Aşkın, Hakan Şensoy, Feza Gökmen, and Oğuzhan Kavruk will give trainings. Besides Hikmet Simsek Art Center, Yamanlar Youth Center will also be hosting the program that will be realized with 42 participants, one of whom will be from Poland. The training that will be completed on 29th of August, will be crowned with the final concert of participants.

Ataturk is Our Guide

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “We took the saying of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stating: “If a nation is deprived of art, it means that one of its life veins is cut.”, as our guide and we said: ‘Art everywhere and for everyone’. We gained a Chamber Orchestra to this country, that represents our name in international organizations with success. With our training programs, we carried our service flag once step further. We are realizing ‘Masterclass’ programs for the first time in Turkey within the body of a municipality. With this project in which world famous master artists lighten the road of young talents with their knowledge and experiences, we will gain new starts to classic music. Just like in every field, we will continue working to be a leader and a good example in art as well”.