Dear Friends are Entrusted to ‘Veterinary Municipal Police”

Karsiyaka Municipality Veterinary Municipal Police that is established for struggling against the violations of animal rights, provides solutions to 4 thousand and 900 complaints and negative situations in 3.5 years. Mayor Akpinar said: “It is not possible for us to tolerate the bad acts conducted against our dear friends. We will continue to carry out our inspection and awareness works with our veterinary municipal police”. 

It is Realized for the First Time in Turkey

Karsiyaka Municipality, which is being heard of with their projects aiming to improve the living conditions of dear friends, established ‘Veterinary Municipal Police Team’ 3.5 years ago for the first time in Turkey. Veterinary Municipal Police, which works against violation of animal rights and violence against the street animals, has intervened to nearly 4 thousand and 900 events till today. The team which is composed of one veterinary municipal police staff, a veterinary physician, and a veterinary health technician, also provides solutions to complaints coming to the municipality besides dealing with negative situations being confronted with.

Tight Follow up against Bad Acts

Especially tight inspections are realized for the owned animals that are looked after under bad conditions. After the inspections, animal owners which are found to be faulty are notified to Karsiyaka Governorship Animal Rights Violation Committee. Furthermore, in order to inform animal owners and to ensure them to act sensitively, brochures and scat bags are distributed. Vaccination cards of hundreds of animals are controlled. The necessary operations are realized for the horses that are left on the streets and for the winged animals that are fed in the houses and gardens without getting permissions.

Respect for Their Living Rights

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar said:“As being a municipality which shows respect for the living right of animals and which works to create healthy living conditions, it is not possible for us to tolerate any violations of animal rights. Our citizens can notify our Veterinary Municipal Police team about all kinds of negative incidents by dialing the phone number of 324 44 19 - 39 .