Dinosaurs Came to Izmir Fair !

Great Interest in Karsiyaka Stand during IEF

Karşıyaka Municipality participated in Izmir International Fair, which opened its doors for 86th time this year, with the theme of Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus which will be opened in a short while. Giant dinosaur mock-ups of the project, became the center of attraction at the stand of municipality, for everyone of all ages. Both children and families got in the line to take photos. Mayor Akpınar said:"We are awaiting everyone to visit our stand.”

Giant Dinosaurs at the Exhibition

Karsiyaka Municipality, which is being heard of with their projects ranging from local to interna-tional dimensions, has shown their difference at 86th Izmir International Fair as well. The munici-pality which attended IEF, which opened its doors the previous day, with their stand of 210 square meters, carried the theme of ‘Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus’, which they will open in a short while, to the fair. The stand which is established next to the entrance door of 3rd hall, is designed like a small sample of the project. Dinosaur mock-ups that were at the campus and various animal replica are brought to the stand. The stand of Karşıyaka Municipality became the center of attraction with its extraordinary design. Mainly the children and all the visitors lined up to take photos.

Events Full of Entertainment

At the stand, children are also living the joy of realizing fossil excavation in the sand pool that is built. Minor guests are traveling to the world of dinosaurs with 3D video demonstrations. At the stand, besides Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus, the introduction of various studies of the municipality in different areas such as education, energy, and environment is also being done. Producer Women Cooperative that is founded by Karşıyaka Municipality, is also taking their place at the stand with their products. At the common exhibition area, gymnastics, rumba, salsa, cha-cha, and zumba shows are being demonstrated by the trainees of Karsiyaka Munici-pality.

"I am Awaiting Everyone to Come"

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: "We are happy to take part in IEF, which is founded with the foresight of our Great Leader Atatürk. As Karşıyaka Municipality, we attached a special importance to the exhibition this year. Because we carried the theme of Universal Children’s Museum and Training Campus which we will open in a short while and which will be realized for the first time in Turkey, to our stand. Karsiyaka Municipality, which always supports training that is related with science, created a difference both with this service and with their stand opened with this concept. The interest shown by the families and children in the dinosaur mock-ups is great.            I invite all my fellow citizens to Karsiyaka stand during the exhibition period.”