Emergency Case Practice for 300 Students in Karsiyaka !

Karsiyaka Municipality Youth Training Center KARGEM, realized Emergency Case Practice together with 300 students getting training within their institution. The students who learned how to act in case of probable disasters, got training relating with first aid, rescue of injured people, and fire extinguishing.

Disaster Training for 300 Students

Nearly 300 students and 40 teachers participated in the emergency case practice being realized at KARGEM building. Trainers who are assigned at Karsiyaka Municipality Disaster Coordination and Training Center, explained the things to be done in case of disasters by practicing. Training relating with first aid, rescue and carriage of injured people, and fire extinguishing are given to students. After the practice which looked like real, students from Karsiyaka gave the message that they are prepared for disasters.

Yamac Junior High School also Benefited from the Training Programs

Karsiyaka Municipality company Kent A.S. enabled for all teachers and students of Yamac Junior High School to get disaster training. A group of students and teachers from Yamac Junior High School got training at Karsiyaka Municipality Disaster and Coordination Center for 5 months time per one day in a week. At the end of the project, nearly 240 students became prepared and ready for the disasters.

“We should all Be Sensitive.”

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar said: “We are living at a seismic zone and we can be confronted with probable disasters at any time. We are providing training to different segments in the community by means of our Disaster Coordination and Training Center which we established to avoid damages to occur in case of such disasters. Our students who are getting their education at KARGEM and other schools are also benefiting from these training programs. I invite all our citizens to be sensitive about this type of subjects”.