Fathers of Karşıyaka are More Conscious Now

First Task is Fatherhood !

Karşıyaka Municipality hosted for a meaningful event before the ‘Fathers’ Day’. Participants who completed the ‘Father Support Program’ that was organized with the collaboration of the Munici-pality and ACEV, got their certificates with a ceremony. Fathers who wore t-shirts on which it was written as ‘First Task is Fatherhood’, said: “This year we will celebrate our day as being more conscious fathers. We would to thank for this.”

35 Fathers, 10 Weeks of Training

Karşıyaka Municipality which carries out activities to contribute to the protection of family union and to strengthen the ties between parents and children, organized ‘Father Support Program’ with the collaboration of Mother and Child Training Foundation (ACEV). 35 fathers, whose children are going to the elementary school, participated in the program that will continue for 10 weeks. Training was given by the volunteering trainees of ACEV to the participants about the importance of father in child care, about his responsibilities and child development. Trainings were realized regarding the avoidance of negligence and abuse of children and for emphasizing the importance of father’s spending quality time with the child.

“Our Aim is to Become Better Fathers”

Participants who completed the program aiming to strengthen the relationship between father and child, successfully received their certificates in the ceremony that was organized at Bazaar Cultural Center. Fathers who wore t-shirts on which it was written as ‘First Task is Fatherhood’ and ‘Father gives the opportunity and child discovers the life’, during the ceremony said: “With this training program we found the opportunity to get conscious about our duties and responsibilities to enable our children to become healthier individuals. Our wish and target is to become better fathers for our children. Our celebration of father’s Day will be more meaningful both in this year and in the coming years. We would like to thank to Karşıyaka Municipality, our Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, and to ACEV.”

“Let it Brighten Their Way All Their Life Long”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “In order to protect the unity and order of our family, which is the smallest unit of community, we are carrying out our trainings throughout the year. Besides Family University, Good Mother and Father School, and programs aiming for mothers, we realized a training study which only aimed for the fathers this time. We aimed to strengthen the relationship between father and child and to emphasize the importance of father in the development stage of children. I would like to thank to ACEV for their collaboration and I wish that the information they received will brighten the way of fathers all through their lives.