Flowers of Bademler Village are Blossoming in Karşıyaka

Karsiyaka Municipality, which decorated the city with seasonal plants during the whole year, began to decorate the parks and streets with colorful flowers in this winter season as well. 150 thousand of flowers, which are purchased from producer cooperatives will add both beauty and liveliness to Karsiyaka during the winter period.

Support is Given to the Cooperatives

With the aim to provide support to the producers while beautifying the city, Karşıyaka Municipality purchased 150 thousand pieces of flowers from Agricultural Development Cooperative in Bademler Village. It is started to plant winter flowers to various areas and mainly to the parks by the teams of Directorate of Parks and Gardens.

Riot of Colors on the Streets

Riot of Colors of flowers such as violet, godetia, snapdragon, cyclamen and primrose, which brought liveliness to the streets, gained admiration of citizens. It is stated that the flowering works that are continuing throughout the district will be completed in a short while.

Flower-Like Karşıyaka

Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said:“With the aim to provide support for our producers, we are beautifying our Karsiyaka with thousands of flowers which we have purchased from the cooperative. In the cold winter months, with the warm colors of flowers our city will gain a more lively and beautiful appearance. Having the belief that beautifying the environment we live in brings happiness to our people, we will continue to work for creating a city which is flower-like”.