Foreign Students will Teach English

International Training for the Students of KARGEM

Students of Karsiyaka Municipality Youth Training Center (KARGEM) will learn English from foreign youngsters in this summer time. At the free language course that will be realized at KARGEM with the collaboration of AIESEC, 100 youngsters attending universities all around the world, will be assigned. The course which is awaited with excitement will start on 17th of July.

Registrations Began

In order to provide English training and opportunity to make practice for the students in Karşıyaka, Karşıyaka Municipality Youth Training Center (KARGEM) made collaboration with AISESEC being the biggest student exchange and development platform of the world. Registrations for the lan-guage course in which foreign youngsters will teach English to the students of Karşıyaka began at KARGEM. The course, the first one of which was organized last year as attracting a lot of atten-tion, will be realized with broader scope this year.

Youngsters from Each Continent

In order to work in the project, 100 foreign university students from countries all around the work such as America, Mexico, Ghana, and Russia will come to Karsiyaka. Youngsters will start giving language courses at KARGEM starting from the 17th of July onwards. Students between 5th and 9th classes will be able to make registration to the training that will continue for 20 days, until 14th of July.

Volunteering Families are Searched for

During the course period, foreign youngsters will stay with the student families who will be willing to open their doors for them. In order for their children to find the opportunity to make even more practice, families will be able to make applications to KARGEM to host foreign students in their homes.

“We are Preparing for the Future”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, who stated that they are working to prepare the children and youngsters to the future in the best way also said: “We are not only preparing our children for the high school and university exams but we are also striving to create opportunities for them to develop themselves in every field. With the project which we realized at KARGEM with the organi-zation of AIESEC this year, our children will find the opportunity to get free language training from foreign youngsters. They will both find the opportunity to improve their English knowledge and their speaking skills and the chance to get to know different cultures.