Good News for ‘Wise People’ of Karşıyaka

Healthy Aging Center is Being Opened in Mavişehir

Karsiyaka Municipality is opening the doors of social life to the citizens of Karsiyaka who are 55 years of age or older, with their project named “Healthy Aging Center for Wise People”. Modern facility that is established in Mavisehir will be the new meeting point of wise people with its hobby courses, resting area, library and many other opportunities. 

Each Detail has Been Thought

Karsiyaka Municipality, which added a new one to the projects being brought to life with the approach of social municipalism, completed building ‘Healthy Aging Center for the Wise People’. Modern facility which is situated on Mavişehir Cahar Dudayev Boulevard as opposite to the Scientific Center, is designed as having single floor and being suitable for the usage of disabled people. A resting area where wise people can read their newspapers and magazines, a hall where they can watch television, a library where they can find hundreds of works, a kitchen, and a pleasant garden are established for the wise people. It is stated that official opening of center will be realized in a short while. 

They will Live Their Second Spring

Life Club for the Wise People, which was established by Karşıyaka Municipality in the previous years and which has more than 600 members, will carry out their activities at this center. Citizens of Karşıyaka who are 55 years of age or older, will be able to benefit from the center as being a member of the club. To enable for the wise people to enjoy their second spring, hobby courses will be realized in branches such as painting and chess. Training will be given to those wishing to improve themselves in cooking or to meet with computers. Physical activities promoting healthy aging and colorful events such as aerobics, pilates, yoga and zumba will be organized. Turkish Music Chorus works will be realized. Services in different areas will be provided as ranging from free coiffeur service to health seminars.

Social Municipalism

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “We want our elders to come out of their homes and to socialize in their advancing ages and to share their experiences by taking their place in life and we want them to be beside us. Aiming for these, we will realize our services which we provide with ‘Life Club for Wise People’ under more modern conditions with much wider scope at our new center. With our social municipalism approach, we will continue working to provide the best services to our elders who are our most precious beings”.