Karşıyaka Healthy Aging Center is Opened

Karsiyaka is the Second Address of ‘Second Spring’

Karşıyaka Municipality opened the Healthy Aging Center for Wise People, the construction of which is completed in Mavişehir, to provide services. The center, which opens the door of social living for the citizens of Karsiyaka who are aged 55 or above, will become the meeting point of Wise People with cultural, artistic, and sportive events.

Modern Facility for the Wise People

Karsiyaka Municipality which added a new one to the projects which they created with the approach of social municipality, opened the Healthy Aging Center for Wise People with a ceremony to provide services. The modern facility which is located next to the Scientific Center along Caher Dudayev Boulevard in Mavisehir, is designed as having a single floor and being suitable for the usage of disabled people. In the center, different sections such as library, computer class, course rooms, play and resting hall, nurse and psychologist room, and coiffeur hall are established.

Magnificent Opening

Deputy Rector of Dokuz Eylül University Prof. Dr. Hikmet Hüseyin Çatal and the members of Healthy Aging Center for Wise People also attended the opening ceremony, besides Mayor Akpınar. While tango and zeibek shows of members attracted admiration, songs being sang by the chorus brought joy to the opening. Mayor Akpınar who visited the facility after cutting the opening ribbon, talked with the trainees and accompanied the activities. Mavişehir Quarter Mukhtar Gürol Küçükgörür and members of the center thanked to Mayor Akpınar for the service being provided. 

"Our Wise People Stand at the Most Important Place"

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said:"As the modern communities learn about the values of the past and as they begin to use them for the future, we can walk towards the future with hope and confidence. With "Healthy Aging Center for Wise People”, while a healthy and peaceful environment is presented to you, it is also aimed to keep your communication with us and with life as active and to make you remain productive. Because we get our power from our past and we look to the future with confidence. We are a big family and our Wise People stand at the most important place in this family.”