Koray Varol Told About the Secrets of Success

Karşıyaka Municipality Youth Training Center (KARGEM), which provided free training support for nearly two thousand students, has hosted Koral Varol, as being School Success Development Specialist and Trainer. Besides students and teachers, parents also showed great interest in the seminar with the heading of “On the Road to Success with Koral Varol”. 

The Most Important Three Steps on the Way to Success

Koray Varol, who told about the systems and learning methods that would take the students and trainers into being successful at the seminar, especially explained the ways for overcoming problems of students who lived through the exam anxiety and who had difficulty in focusing and working on their lessons. Varol, who emphasized that the most important three factors on the road to success were self-confidence, motivation and focusing, gave a message to the students as: “You can achieve what you want by working too hard if you have confidence in yourselves.

“Schoold Grades will Gain Importance.”

Koray Varol, who made recommendations to the students and their families, said: “In the system that will be created, most probably the school grades will have significant importance. For this reason, you should not forget that your being able to enter the high school you prefer depends on regular working if not on TEOG. You should know that one day you will go through an appraisal when you will have to express all that you know. You should continue working by establishing a system for yourself without lowering your motivation. If you can achieve this, no matter what the new system shall be, you will see that you are prepared when that day comes. As being parents, you should follow up current changes. Prepare opportunities for activities such as sports and art, which will both create ground for your children’s improvement and which will enable for them to have joyful times”.

The students and parents who listened to the seminar with great interest, thanked both to Koray Varol and to KARGEM, Karsiyaka Municipality, and to Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar for their organizing the seminar.