Magnificent Final for International Children’s Festival

25th International Children’s Festival which is organized by Karşıyaka Municipality, came to an end with a magnificent final. Children of the world, exhibited a visual feast with their traditional dances to thousands of spectators. 23rd of April National Independence and Children’s Festival is celeb-rated with great joy. 

The Area was Filled in Completely

Final shows of International karşıyaka Children’s Festival which is organized for 25th time within the scope of 23rd of April National Independence and Children’s Festival being organized by Karşıyaka Municipality, have been realized at Mavibahçe Shopping Center. Besides 230 foreign children attending the festival from 9 countries, ‘Kuzeyin Uşakları’ dance group coming from Ankara, Karşıyaka Municipality Smyrna Choreography Group, and Karşıyaka Municipality Folk Dances Group also exhibited their dances. Thousands of citizens of Izmir who filled in the festival area and the balconies of Shopping Malls, watched the shows with interest and they accompanied them by applauding.

“Wish that Life was a Festival”

During the program that lasted for nearly two hours, 23rd of April National Independence and Children’s Festival is celebrated with a magnificent joy. The children of the world came together at the final dinner during the evening hours. Children who sang together the song titled as “Wish that Life was a Festival”, gave messages of peace and brotherhood. Guests who stated that they were very happy to be in Karşıyaka for 6 days long, thanked to Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar and his team for their hospitality.

Everything is for Children

Mayor Akpınar said: “By continuing this meaningful festival which started in our Karşıyaka 25 years ago, we will carry it for the future generations. We will celebrate many more festivals all together. All that we do is for children. If our children are happy and if they are in peace, then we will be in peace as well. We are sending the children who have been the guests of our festival which we realized with this approach for 25th time and who have brought peace and brotherhood to our city, back with love. We are waiting for them to attend to our festivals which we will be celebrating next year with even more joy. This is what Karşıyaka is and this is how it will remain.”