Meaningful Show Against Violence to Women

Theater ‘Free of Obstacles’ in Karsiyaka !

The theater play being named as “Our Mother, Our Woman, Our Other Half”, being prepared by Karsiyaka City Council Assembly of Disabled People Theater Group and Women’ Assembly, met with the spectators at Karsiyaka Municipality Ahmet Piristina Cultural Center.

It is Started with Turkish National Anthem

The show which is put on stage with the aim to create awareness against violence shown to women, started by singing Turkish National Anthem by using the sign language. Afterwards, the song of Tarkan, being titled as ‘Love me so much’ is performed. 15 women who successfully put the theater play being written and directed by Hasan Kizilaslan on stage, are applauded a lot by the guests.

Thank You Message to Akpinar

Among the spectators filling the hall, there were also Karsiyaka District Governor Sadettin Yucel, Karsiyaka City Council President Selman Boyacioglu, Karsiyaka Municipality Council members and citizens, as well as player Ugurtan Sayiner who is known with the character of Cemil whom he acted out in the series named ‘Ours’ (Bizimkiler). At the end of the show, Certificates of Appreciation are presented to women on behalf of Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar.