New Parking Place Relieves Ornekkoy

Karsiyaka Municipality made up a solution for the increasing vehicles each passing day and a parking place with a capacity of 50 vehicles. The parking lot will be opened in ten days time which will give comfort to 7445 street and surroundings.

Opens in July

The parking place project which will be a solution for the problem of parking and the parkings on pavements on streets by Karsiyaka Municipality, is nearly completed. The project meets the needs of 7445 street and the surroundings to some extent, designed as 50 vehicles capacity. At the end of hard work of Transportation Services Department, open parking lot will be brought into service in a short time.

There will be New Parking Places

Karsiyaka citizens will be able to use the parking place freely. Municipality teams continue the construction of other parking places in central regions especially in Semikler, Fikri Altay and Goncalar. It is aimed that new parking places will be constructed in regions where there is public improvements and substructure and traffic jam and pavement parking will be decreased.

Works will be Continued

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar “Increase in number of vehicles and the need of parking places make us find new solutions. Within our possibilities, we are making parking places in available points for public improvement where citizens can use easily.” He said.