New Period Registrations Will Begin in The Young of Karşıyaka

The Young of Karşıyaka Project that Karşıyaka Municipality began to provide university students with scholarship has reached to 700 students in three years. The new period registration for those who want to benefit from the project taking support from different sections of society especially buildings, trade association, tradesmen and civil society organizations will begin on 3 September. Mayor Akpınar who addressed sensitive citizens who will give scholarship said: “Be supportive, too, let us give scholarship many needer university students.”

The Support is Growing    

The number of students gaining scholarship from The Young of Karşıyaka Project that was begun by the Karşıyaka Municipality and has become one of the most important social responsibility project of Turkey in a short time has reached to 700 in three years. The growing of the support supplied from especially the buildings and sites, taxi and collective taxi drivers, the civil society organizations, the tradesmen, headmen, council members, municipal employees and the sensitive citizens each passing day created happiness. New period registrations for the university students who want to benefit from The Young of Karşıyaka Project also in the new period will begin on 3 September. The supports of the sensitive citizens will turn to the university students as scholarship also in education season of 2018-2019.  The students who want to gain scholarship will be able to take necessary documents from project unit on 7th floor of municipality building.

“It Is Beautiful But It Isn’t Enough”  

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “The duty of municipalities isn’t only making road and pavement. Our most important project is giving scholarship to the needer university students with social solidarity. We have given scholarship to our about 700 students until today. We are grateful to our donators for this but it isn’t enough. If we have more supporters, we will be able to give scholarship to tens of our students also in the new period. We are struggling for this. Everyone who says ‘I’m from Karşıyaka’ should put a brick upon this wall.”     

Awards Aren’t Sufficient For The Young

The Young of Karşıyaka Project is carried out with organization strength of the municipality and organization skill of public. The Karşıyaka Municipality reunites the needer university students with the supporters. The university students gain scholarship as 300 Turkish liras per mensem throughout ten months. The Young which was chosen “The Best Carried Out Social Responsibility Project of Europe” in Europe Public Sector Awards two years ago was shown as “Practicable Model Project” to 5 continents, 30 countries and 150 cities by UN Development Programme and Global Associations Forum also last year.