Obese Cat Slims in Taypark

In Karsiyaka, 7 year old obese cat named Taci has been receiving treatment in Karsiyaka Municipality Veterinary Affairs Office. Taci has 5 more weight comparing to a normal cat, started a diet for health.

Special Care in Taypark

The cat has been receiving care from animal lovers in Karsiyaka and was not able to even walk because of high weight now brought to Taypark Policlinics in Karsiyaka Municipality Veterinary Affairs. After general examination is made, 19.2 kg Taci started a diet programme and cystitis treatment. Due to the fact that stress triggers obesity, a cage in which he can move easily is prepared. The cat started to lose weight in one week as there is special care, the treatment will go on till he regains his health. 

“Attention to Nutrition”

 Karsiyaka Municipality Veterinary Affairs Authorities stated that obesity increase in animals as well “The cats who eat a lot and badly, do not move or have a tendency in gaining weight is face to face obesity. As the obesity increases day by day, animal owners and lovers should be careful. This sickness reduce quality of life, rise illnesses such as heart failure. Cats should be feeded according to their ages and spending energy. For the health of street cats, they should be feeded with ready food not meals. Taci has reached to a high weight due to various kinds of reasons but he is now in safe hands. He will lose weight with our nutrition and acitivty programme and he will be cured.”

“A Warm Home for Him”

Karsiyaka is a real animal friend city. We protect every living in this city and work for their living conditions by main force. Upon a denunciation, we started a protection for a cat who cannot even move due to his overweight. After Taci is treated, he will be delivered to a warm home for him in which he can be cared well.