One Child One Thousand Laughes Has Reached To 15.000 Children

Vital needs of the 15.000 children have been supplied up to now thanks to the ‘One Child One Thousand Laughes’ Project that was begun by Karşıyaka Municipality and has reached to near 40 cities in a short time by exceeding border of Izmir. 400 children also were happy only in bairam thanks to supports of donators.

It Is Growing Like Topsy 

‘One Child One Thousand Laughes’ Project realized within Karşıyaka Municipality Vecdi Altay Children Club is growing like topsy. The project which was bridge between needer children and charitables in Karşıyaka at the first stage has spread over Turkey thanks to army of volunteer increasing gradually. A helping hand has been given to the children in near 40 cities like different districts of Izmir, Giresun, Van, Diyarbakır, Ağrı, Muş, Şırnak, Batman, Konya, Kars, Gaziantep, Uşak, Bitlis and Şanlıurfa.

They Were Happy Also In Bairam

Ware and materials like shoe, boot, jersey, coat, book, blanket, package of provisions and stationery set were supplied and transported to their places with donations of supporter firms and the charitables in seven-month process when the project began. Need materials were sent to several libraries and hospitals as well as schools. Deficiencies of the 15.000 children have been completed thanks to the model practice until today. Clothing, bairam package of provisions, toy, shoe and stationery material were distributed to 400 children and families only during the bairam. It was stated that those who want to contribute the project would be able to get detailed information via telephone number 0232 364 14 28. 

Little Touches, Big Happiness

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “We have been carrying out important social responsibility projects with the supports of our countrymen, we have been giving a helping hand to the four winds of Turkey since the day when we took office. ‘One Child One Thousand Laughes Project’ has also become one of these model practices that we aim to create big happiness with little touches. Our goal is that one our child laughes a thousand times. We are working for our children with all our strength without making any distinction, we are witnessing their smiles by fulfiling their needs with our donators.”