Registrations at KARGEM are Starting

They will Get Prepared for Both the Exams and for Life

Pre-registrations for the education period of 2017-2018 at Karşıyaka Municipality Youth Training Center (KARGEM), providing educational support for children and youngsters of Karşıyaka, are starting tomorrow. (on the 19th of April). KARGEM will continue to make hundreds of students become successful in their school life and to prepare them for the future with their social events  in the new season as well.

Latest Application can be Made on the 12th of May

Karşıyaka Municipality Youth Training Center (KARGEM) which provides equal opportunities for children of families in need, is continuing to accept the applications for the new educational year. At the center where training is provided to 2 thousand students on the average in a year, pre-registrations for the new period will be received  between the 19th of April and 12th of May. Applications could be made for students attending 5th-12th classes and for high school students residing within the boundaries of Karşıyaka. Application will be made to KARGEM being situated at Bahçelievler Bazaar Place with Floors (Katlı Pazar Yeri) with a copy of student’s identity card. With the exams that will be held on 20th and 21th of May, the students gaining right to obtain training during the year will be specified. 

To Have Bright Generations

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar who stated that they are preparing children of families with low income, for the future in the best way through KARGEM also said: “At our center we are providing service to hundreds of children attending 5th to 12th class each year while we are giving support for personal development through the social activities. We are working with all our means in order to make contribution to raising bright, thinking, questioning, conscious generations which are ethical as having vision and following the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In return for all these services, all our expectation is for our children to become successful.”

Perfect Service

Karşıyaka Municipality Youth Training Center is providing educational support to the students all year long both to improve their success at school and to prepare them for TEOG, YGS and LYS exams. Besides education services, contribution is made to the social development of students with events like theatre, instrument playing, and folk dances as well as contests and trips that are organized. In order to enable the youngsters to take right decisions about their future, university visits are being realized before the exams. The center which has prepared thousands of children and youngsters for the future till today, will provide service for nearly 2 thousand students this year.