Service To 1,5 Million People With ‘Kent Coop’

Karşıyaka Municipality hauled plentifulness of villages to city with ‘Kent Coop Food Supermarket’ chain that it established to both support producer cooperatives and offer to public cheap and quality food. The service has been given to total 1,5 million people until today with four branches that provide opportunity of access to the quality foods at affordable prices. The supermarkets bringing in producer also contributed family budgets.

The Supermarkets Reached To The Four Branches 

The first of the supermarkets within the Karşıyaka Municipality Kent Joint-Stock Company put into service on site of old Fireside Meat Restaurant in Mavişehir in April 2016. The supermarket where especially natural and quality foods supplied from the cooperatives, products in tens of kinds are offered to the public at affordable prices drawed great interest. The other branches opened respectively Bostanlı Uğur Mumcu Park, near Atakent Gondol Cafe and in Girne Culture Park also put a smile on both the producer’s and consumer’s faces. The four branches have given service to total 1,5 million people until today. 

Model Of Social Municipalism

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “We have carried out a model practice for the social municipalism with ‘Kent Coop Food Supermarket’ Project serving to both the producer and the consumer. While we have provided labour of our producer to find its value, we have also made possible that our public could reach the natural and healthy foods at affordable prices. We work with belief that the municipalism doesn’t consist of only making road, pavement, we see also supporting the producer, producing human-focused service, working for happiness and welfare of the public as duty. 

From The Cooperatives To The Public

The quality and healthy foods supplied from approximate thirty producer cooperatives at first hand meet with the consumer in Kent Coop Food Supermarket branches. Food and drink in tens of different kinds like meat, fish and charcuterie products, fresh vegetable-fruit, breakfast foods, organic foods and types of oil are offered for sale at affordable prices in the supermarkets that have selling space of total 1000 square meters. Meatball, sausage, fried meat, delicatessen, desserts, cakes and breads stemming from productive facilities of the Kent Joint-Stock Company also take part among the assertive products of ‘villages’ created in city centre.