Starting the New Year as Full of Art

Karsiyaka Municipality Hikmet Simsek Art Center, which makes important contributions to the cultural and artistic life of Izmir, will be crowning the first month of 2018 with a program which is full with events. The art feast which will start with Film Musics Concert will continue with colorful events such as Fado night and ballet show.

First Concert will Take Place on 4th of January

Karşıyaka Municipality Hikmet Şimşek Art Center will open the new year season with the “Film Musics Concert”” that will be performed by Aytül Büyüksaraç ve Altuğ Dilmaç on 4th of January, Thursday night. Pianist Demet Eytemiz and a private orchestra will accompany the artists who will perform the film musics that are imprinted in the memories. The first one of “Concerts with  Respect to the Masters” series will be realized on 8th of January. State artist Ruşen Güneş, will be the guest of Karşıyaka Municipality Chamber Orchestra (KODA). Conductor Rengim Gökmen will lead the concert. Before the concert, a discussion with the heading of “A.Adnan Saygun on his death anniversary and his teacher Zühtü Bey” will be realized.

Program Full of Events

Erkin Quartet, which is composed of KODA artists, will present a music feast to art lovers on 11th of January. Ballet show being titled as “Bumerang”, the choreography of which is made by Melodi Sıcakyuz Olatas and which is performed by the ballet artists of Izmir State Opera and Ballet, will be put on stage on 15th of January. Fado Songs Concert, in which KODA and Soprano Ana Maria Pinto will take part as soloists, will be realized on 22nd of January. The program of this month will be finalized with Camerata İstanbul Wind Quintet Concert that will take placed on 29th of January. Detailed information regarding the events can be obtained by dialing phone number 330 64 04.

It will Fit Well to the New Year

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “Our Hikmet Simsek Art Center, which is one of the mos prestigious cultural facilities of Izmir, will host the art lovers with a program that is full of events and which fits well to the new year enthusiasm. We are awaiting everyone who would like to share the enthusiasm of art and music, to come to our events”.