The Most Beautiful Letters are for Mother Zubeyde-2

Mrs.Zubeyde, who is the mother of Great Leader Ataturk whom he gave as a trust to be protected by Karşıyaka, will be memorialized with a meaningful contest within the scope of Mothers’ Day. Applications of contest named as ‘I have a letter for Mother Zubeyde’ being organized on a national scale, will be accepted until the 28th of April, Friday. Mayor Akpınar said: “We will memo-rialize the most special trust of our Ata with the unique lines coming out of the hearts of our children. I invite all of our children to be part of this excitement”.

Students will Participate

Karşıyaka Belediyesi ve Tülay Aktaş Gönüllü Kuruluşlar Güç Birliği tarafından düzenlenen ‘Zübeyde The contest named as ‘I have a letter for Mother Zubeyde’ which is organized by Karşıyaka Munici-pality and Tülay Aktaş Institutions Power Union, will be realized for the second time in this year. The contest which is started with the purpose of memorializing Mrs.Zubeyde, being the mother of Great Leader Ataturk, within the fram of Mothers’ Day events, will be realized in 3 different cate-gories as elementary, junior high school and senior high school. Students will put their feelings for Mother Zubeyde into the most beautiful compositions and poems.

Ceremony will be Held at the Masoleum

Applications can be made for the contest which is open for participation throughout Turkey, perso-nally or via post to the Karşıyaka Municipality Bazaar Cultural Center. Awards Ceremony will be realized on the 14th of May, being the Mothers’ Day at the Mausoleum of Mrs.Zubeyde in Karşı-yaka. Various gifts will be given to those who will be ranking in top degrees. To get more detailed information about the contest and conditions for participation, it could be reached to Karşıyaka Municipality Directorate of Social Aid Affairs by dialing the phone number 0232 399 40 78.

“Our Most Valuable Trust”

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said: “Mrs.Zubeyde is the most beautiful example proving that a mother can change the whole world. The son whom he raised has become the savior and light of a nation with the victories he won. That son has given his most valuable mother Mrs.Zubeyde to us and to our Karşıyaka as a trust to be protected. While we are embracing our most valuable trust each day with infinite gratitude and longing, we live through the excitement of crowning the Mothers’ Day with  a special contest. With the most beautiful letters that our children will right, we will memorialize our Zubeyde Mother all together. We are waiting for the participa-tion of all our children and youngsters being brightened with the light of our Ata“.