Warm Homes for the Street Animals

Karsiyaka Municipality, which creates hygienic sheltering environments to dear friends with permanent cat homes, expended the good example of application to the other parks in the district. The municipality which placed fixed homes at 150 points till now, also increased the number of food and water sources. Mayor Akpinar said: “We are using all our opportunities for our dear friends with whom we are sharing our lives”.

They are Being Produced at the Site

Karsiyaka Municipality accelerated their works with the aim to protect the stray animals from negative weather conditions and to create healthy sheltering areas for them. Number of permanent homes which are prepared at site facilities and placed in areas where cats lived densely is increased to 150 before summer months with the contribution of Lider Pet Food. Number of food sources meeting the water and nutrition needs are also increased.

It is Focused on the Unhealthy Areas

Within the scope of works, the areas which turned into gathering places of stray animals but which are dangerous both with respect to animal and human health, are also focused on. Teams of Veterinary Affairs Directorate who cleaned these areas spreading diseases, also placed fixed cat homes to the suitable points in the same region. The diseased cats are delivered to polyclinics where they got treatment and citizens are also informed by the teams for the protection of health and provision of hygiene.

Continuous Services

Karsiyaka Mayor Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar, who stated that they used all their opportunities with the aim to create more modern and healthier living conditions for stray animals, also said: “We are producing good example of solutions to meet health, sheltering ,and nutrition needs of our dear friends. We are also continuing to work with the aim to spread our permanent cat homes project which we created in this line, to all convenient parks. With the services we provide continuously, no street animal will be left as stray”.