Women of Karşıyaka are Giving Life to Ceramics

Women’s Cooperative is Going to the Fair

Karsiyaka Municipality Producer Women’s Cooperative which opens the doors of economic and social life to women, turned into a vocational factory. At the cooperative where various training such as knitting, handcrafts, design and sewing are provided, ceramic course is opened this time. Women who reflect their skills on ceramics, will exhibit their works at Turkish 2nd Cooperatives Fair.

Skills are Reflected on Works

At the Producer Women’s Cooperative which is established by Karşıyaka Municipality with the aim to promote women to be productive, ceramic masters are being raised. At the cooperative which is one of the biggest ones in Turkey, ceramic course is opened for women who wish to attain both hobby and vocational skills. 25 trainees who participated in training, received admiration with their beautiful works that they began to produce.

Excitement of Fair at the Cooperative

Women from Karsiyaka who continue to work at cooperative center, also accelerated their preparations for ‘2017 Turkish 2nd Cooperatives Fair’ that will be realized between 7th and 10th of December at Ankara ATO Congresium. Women who will meet their works with wide masses at the giant organization, will catch the opportunities to make gains from their handicrafts and to make business contacts. Besides, a workshop will also be realized. At the fair besides ceramics, the products prepared by other women making production within the body of cooperative will also be exhibited.

Women are now Much Powerful

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said:“With the aim to make women have more active roles in social and economic lives, in 2015 we established ‘Producer Women’s Cooperative’. Today it became of the the biggest women cooperatives in Turkey from which 560 women are benefiting. While making contribution to their family economies one one side and finding the opportunity to socialize on the other size, they became more powerful. We finally made our women, who improve their hand skills with the training, meet with art of ceramics and we obtained very beautiful results. I congratulate the producer women of Karşıyaka from the heart and I believe that they will represent us in the best way at 2017 Turkish 2nd Cooperatives Fair. We will continue to support them”.