Message from the Mayor

When we feel the Spring time in our hearts...

My Patriotic Fellow Citizens,

How beautiful and good it is that nature never leaves us alone. We are leaving a winter time, that was problematic, sad, and lacking peace, behind us. What can winter be blamed for as it is a gift of nature as well. Unpleasant things are the creations of mankind. It is the right time to start working by knowing this and to add it to nature with our hope, efforts, and our will to protect life.

First way to do this can take place by respecting the nature, history, and geography. We shouldn’t forget those paying the price for us to enjoy the beauties. It is real difficult to establish a modern, secular and democratic country in a problematic and sad geography but to make it continue to survive is also dependent on a love requiring efforts to be put in. In this way, it will come out that our martyrs have not died without purpose and those efforts were not useless and we will hand over this beautiful trust with honor to the upcoming generations. Heat increase in the water, air and soil is not enough. They should happen in our hearts and we should give the flowers raising there to each other by singing the song as “We are one and how beautiful we are in this way.”, without making any discrimination or hurting each other or making considerations. How many times can history prove and teach this? How could our great leader veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and all those esteemed people adding value to this country have achieved these?

Today we have to talk about hope, brightness, and beautiful future days out of spite. Then this noise will end and the sound of badness and lack of love will also stop.

Instead of talking about the pains, unjustness of our valuable women on 8th of March World Laborer Women’ Day, we could talk about the joy of sharing the world and life together and to make it become a reality only in this way. Today unfortunately our biggest involvement is to wipe their tears and to share their pains. We know that with the news of each martyr, first it is their hearts that feel the pain. We shouldn’t forget the place of “Hennaed lambs” and the mothers raising them and we should remember that we have no other way than peace and brotherhood.

Democracy is not a wish that is written on paper and it is not a living form granted to us by others. As long as we don’t carry democracy from our homes to the street or from our thoughts to our attitudes and behaviors, it will always remain as missing and debatable. Law, human rights, equality and justice will all start with us and as originating from us. If our country is living through many problems in this respect today, one of the reasons for this is related with our individual and communal weaknesses in the big picture. Today our country is passing through a period when these values are being tested as relating with our women and children. I congratulate 8th of March World Laborer Women’ Day with these feelings and thoughts despite all kinds of negativeness as feeling hope.

While those creating 18th of March epic wrote the preface of Turkish Republic, there were mostly the hopes of mothers there. A generation that would change the world, has fallen in the trap of imperialism and has left thousands of laments behind but still, why has veteran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk written that famous letter to the mothers of Anzac soldiers? Why has he said the wording of “Peace in the country, peace in the world” after the establishment? Without knowing these, each celebration will be missing and each word will be left in the air without fulfillment. I memorialize our martyrs, ancestors, and those beautiful people with respect and gratitude one more time.

My esteemed fellow citizens,

We are welcoming Spring by working, producing, and sharing all together. In the content of our journal you will be reading about relevant developments, outcomes that make us feel pride, preparations relating with the new ones and our excitement. We are designing and realizing the difference and standing of Karsiyaka and the works being produced all together. I thank to all those putting their efforts in, to those making contribution, and to our esteemed fellow citizens who are always by our side from the heart. You will always hear good news from us.

I salute all of you with respect, love, and my most sincere wishes.

Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar   
Mayor of Karşıyaka