Message from the Mayor

There are No Obstacles for Us !

My Dear Fellow Citizens,

Year 2017 is ending without leaving beautiful traces. We felt sorrow mainly for our martyrs and for those leaving us early. Negative occurrences we lived through both within and outside , caused our country to be confronted with unjust burdens. Everything we live through is proving to us the vital value and importance of democracy, modernism, and secularism. We understand one more time that law and justice, human rights and freedoms define a country’s identity and that they are needed by everyone. Shortly, everything shows to us that protecting the spirit of 1919 and 1923, holding on to the values of Turkish Republic, and loving this country without any interests is the only way out.

How happy we are that we have a city which makes these values survive as bringing hope and being a good example to everyone and gaining right to get award after award with each work being accomplished. Recently, our project being titled as “We are Preparing the Sprouts of Karsiyaka to Future” is shown as “Applicable Sample Project” by UN Development Program and Global Associations Forum (ORUFOGAR) to 150 cities in 30 countries and 5 continents. We should be so proud of the spirit and standing of being from Karşıyaka.

The power, courage, hardworking and determination that underlines these projects, works, words, and actions we realize are being fed with this spirit and standing. We are a municipality which deals with each area of life, as being solution focused, and having local management philosophy that takes satisfaction of our fellow citizens as basis. Our proceeding which is based on uninterrupted communication, sharing of emotions and collaboration, shall be continued in the years to come.You will always get good news from us.

One of the most meaningful days of the month we are living through was “3rd of December World Disabled People Day”. Karşıyaka Municipality is adding “Temporary Recruitment Center for Disabled People” to their sensitive approach and implementations regarding the subject. You will read about the details of this significantly important project in our journal together with our other accomplishments.

One of the scales of modernism for countries is their approach to disabilities and the solutions they provide. In such countries, disabled citizens don’t live their lives as being imprisoned in their homes. It is not be forgotten that each person is a potential candidate for becoming a disabled person. Works ranging from traffic organization to the city’s furnishing are realized by taking the rights and freedom of disabled people into consideration. Because in those countries it is known that the biggest obstacle is lack of perception, disrespect , and lack of thinking that life should be equal and just for everyone. 

While Karşıyaka Municipality shows highest level of respect and care to their disabled fellow citizens, they are realizing important works with the aim to create awareness. However, no matter what is accomplished, if individual and communal sensitivity has not matured and if the prejudices in subconscious minds are not eliminated, these efforts will not yield any results. We need to collaborate in order to warn and understand each other and to eliminate our deficiencies in that respect.

“Temporary Recruitment Center for Disabled People” is someone realized for the first time in our country with regards to its functioning, scope, hardware and operational system. Karsiyaka, as being the city of freedom and modernism, is now giving a facility to its fellow citizens and their relatives, where they can live through these values, as a gift.                       We will go on being a good example, to give inspiration and to continue working by asking “What is next to be done?” while feeling the happiness of having accomplished a good work.

We are Karsiyaka and there are no obstacles for us !

Happy new year my dear fellow citizens. I congratulate your new year with all my best wishes from now.

Huseyin Mutlu Akpinar   
Mayor of Karşıyaka